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Monthly price From only 8 From only 50 Free! From 150
Telecom Features
Talk time included 60 free minutes 300 free minutes
Number of web call buttons and routings Unlimited Unlimited
Secure and end to end encrypted calls
Free online calls
Extra local rates calls charges are applied over talk time included
Extra local rates calls charges are applied over talk time included
Online agent’s seats (licenses) included - unlimited number of independent operators’ login credentials with limited simultaneous online logins 2 5
Additional agent seat €7 per seat €7 per seat
Audio and video conferencing
WebRTC / ORTC compliant
Complex call flows / Interactive Voice Response - IVR
Visual development environment for building complex call flows / IVR voice applications
Calls recording
Voice mail
Audio, video, conferencing directly from the web
Unlimited number of simultaneous audio / video calls support
Unlimited number of call participants support
Unlimited number of supported departments
VoIP phones support, unlimited number of extensions
SIP endpoints support, unlimited number of SIP endpoints
Internal SIP worldwide gateway, competitive rates to any destination worldwide
Extended conferencing audio/video support
- between agents
- between agents and customers
- between customers
including any online IP endpoints and any PSTN (regular phones) endpoints
Invitation to conferences – emailable and web links
HD voice / video support
Third party / existing IP PBX connection support
Pools of worldwide local phone numbers (multichannel) for most countries are supplied
Dedicated phone number 1 free number included
Additional country specific local numbers €5 per number
Full featured cloud PBX functionality
Call / contact center functionality
Speech synthesis
Email notifications directly from the call flow logic
Call statistics
Call buttons different design and style
Agents’ custom settings: web login, SIP login, photo, tagging, email, aliases, working hours, greetings
Customer Interactions
Customer tracking support
Offline customer engagements Limited functionality
Operator’s situation awareness room - Agent’s dashboard Limited functionality Limited functionality
CRM/ERP Integrations
CRM / ERP synchronization to reflect business communication infrastructure into sayhello.cloud (with hello CEP and CRM / ERP integration plans)
Real-time CRM / ERP data visualization - Agent’s dashboard