Integrated hello Telecom

hello Telecom is simple to setup and super easy to use.

Integrated hello Telecom combines all the tools and elements features you need as a business to communicate with the world. Being cloud based there is no software to download and no special equipment or hardware is required. 

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say hello to better communication and up to 80% savings

hello Telecom makes business communication more effective for both you as a business and for your customers. Plus hello is up to 80% cheaper than traditional phone networks. Talk with one of our sales team today to discover the enormous benefits and savings you can make by switching to hello Telecom. 

hello Telecom, also works better for your customer support team.

hello Telecom works by providing your customer support team with extra inbound intellegence to identity call source and which communication elements have been used to connect identifying what services are being sought by the customer.

say hello to super low cost international phone calls.

As a hello Telecom customer you can make outbound calls to landlines or mobiles on your account at our amazing low-cost call rates.

Saving you loads of money!

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hello Telecom setup & features

Build your own cloud Telecom in a few clicks!  Here you can setup call routing to your own IP/Cloud PBX directly from your web call buttons and dedicated numbers free of charge. You can also route from your IP/Cloud PBX or office IP phones to real phone numbers worldwide at local rates via our hello PBX server. 

dedicated numbers

Virtual numbers for anywhere in the World!

hello offers a great range of numbers throughout Europe, America, Asia and Australia allowing your company to be truly global.

Redirect your virtual numbers calls with complete flexibility to wherever you want.

You can route calls to your own IP/Cloud PBX for free, or to any landline or mobile phone at local rates!     

IVR - callflow 

Extend and unify your call buttons, dedicated numbers, softphones and IP phones behaviour.
- set automatic rules based routing of incoming calls.
- create your own Interactive Voice Response / Call Flow.
- create and play custom prompts for you calling customers.
- our high quality Text-to-Speech option is also included.
- time filter all incoming calls where required.
- accept DTMF for IVR and call routing.
- get recorded voice messages from your customers.
- send voice messages to an email recipient.
More options included.

setup endpoints

Set up your internal office phone infrastructure as to how and where to send calls.

Register your office IP phones or other SIP IP endpoints with the system and add internal extensions.

free softphone

Softphone is displayed on your device or computer screen and allows you to make audio and video calls over an internet connection.
- call any number worldwide at local rates
- receive calls from anywhere in the world free of charge
- receive calls from your web call buttons installed on the website free of charge
- call other Softphone users with audio or video free of charge.
- exchange type chat messages with your web site visitors. (Please enable Engagement / Type chat option)
- unlimited number of softphone users. 

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