The 'realtime' Customer Engagement Platform

hello Business allows you to reach maximum efficiency of customer interactions, which traditional communication approach simply cannot replicate.

hello Business Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) lets you successfully engage and serve your online customers with 5 effective steps:

1. CEP creates or updates a profile of every customer who visits your website or calls you.
2. CEP presents profiles in real-time to your sales and support staff every time a known customer returns to your website or calls you.
3. CEP provides to your staff all the engagement tools for real-time customer identification, tracking and acquisition.
4. Armed with these tools, customer information and CEP's optional integration with your company's CRM, your sales and support teams can provide better support and deliver an outstanding customer experience, exceeding expectations.
5. At the same time CEP smart triggers initiate targeted personalized notifications and responsive advertising to further enhance customer engagements.

hello Business tool

hello Business service can be the difference between you closing a sale and your customers closing your website!

hello Customer
Creates and updates a profile of every customer who contacts you. Profiles are presented to your teams in real-time to your sales and support staff every time a known customer contacts you.
hello Target
Marketing campaigns can be created and smart triggers can be set to initiate individually targeted engagements with your customers. This allows to reach maximum efficiency of customer interactions, which traditional approach simply cannot replicate.
hello Teams
Operator's online seats boost situational awareness for company's sales / support agents. All the tools needed to achieve marketing or collaboration targets are accessible at their fingertips.
hello CRM / ERP
hello CRM / ERP is the engagement layer for enhanced customer experience, which can integrate and communicate seamlessly with existing CRM platforms such as NetSuite or Salesforce.
hello Free Call
Web widget lets your website customers call you for free from anywhere in the world.
hello Chat
Widgets in your business website allow your teams to converse with customers for free by Voice, Video, Type chat, Files exchange, Conferences (via hello Conference) and Share Screen (via hello Screen Share).
hello Conference
Advanced multi-room conference solution allows your business to increase productivity, improve customer relations, conduct employee training and provide online demos and webinars.
hello Screen Share
Presenting information through Power Point, Spreadsheet or any application ensures that your meeting runs smoothly and that everyone is on the same page despite the distance.

Say hello to better CX


The CEP platform provides unprecedented real-time environment to boost situational awareness for company's sales/support agents, e.i. "live situation-awareness room". The company's agents are presented live with all the information needed to achieve marketing or collaboration targets – all current interactions, full relevant details about current contacts, either customers or members of staff, previous and current interactions or purchases or support events related to current situation, system's situation advises and warnings.


Real live data collected pushed and pulled to/from company's CRM/ERP allows precise tactical and strategic planning for successful business development. Powerful CRM/ERP and CEP integration makes analysis and adjustments to ways of interaction with customers an effective management tool. Our continuous presentation of analysis process assists in reaching maximum efficiency of customer interactions that traditional communication approach simply cannot replicate.

smart notifications

Our push notification module adds a new engagement channel where personalised offers can be applied to the customer’s individual web site experience. Notifications can also be sent to customers via email and SMS messaging for responsive engagement.


A simple conversation can make all the difference between a customer sale and a no sale. We all connect by voice but a real person can make all the difference when it comes to customer contact and commitment. More talk....more sales.


Video is ideal where additional information is required or a face to face conversation works better. For example when an online customer is interested in a new car, sales staff can bring this customer on a personal video tour of the actual vehicle in question.

type chat

With hello type chat you can answer customer queries in real time on your website. Sales agents and support staff can also support type chat conversations on the go using mobile devices. hello chat remembers individual conversations for follow up.   

Flexible dashboard control

Our hello CEP dashboard provides administrator and operator level access through any web connected device. Operator dashboards are fully customizable, so the only the appropriate information for the specific task is presented to the user. CEP allows you customize individual dashboard layouts and elements for sales teams, service agents, or support staff.

The cost of hello CEP is a lot lower than you might think!

Signup is free of charge and requires no software or hardware installation. There is NO CHARGE up to a certain usage volume.
If you decide to increase the usage volume, we charge a monthly fee based on the number of active customer profiles you have live on your account.

FREE start is offered which includes up to 2 000 live customer profiles.
Then prices start at just €50 / month for each additional 1500 live customer profiles.

A variety of flexible setups and options is available to allow your business to boost workflow efficiency, gain and retain customers and increase revenue.

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