Connect, Converse, Convert!

Experience the next paradigm in website conversions. Get one step closer to your customers, making their visiting experience personalized.


Engage customers personally throughout your entire organization with no new apps, software or equipment.


Chatbots? NO.
Facetime in a personal way with your entire digital audience? YES!


Re-engage at the perfect time when the iron is hot.
Improve conversions of your sales team with alerts for returning visitors.

Welcome To SayHello.

For the first time, you can leverage your entire organization to drive real ambassadorship, effective sales, and service conversations!

For too long, your digital marketing has been a cost center, focussed on increasing traffic to your site, while improving the conversion from that traffic has gone by the wayside. SayHello helps you convert more of your interested visitors into customers. We do this by engaging with these visitors in a personal way and connecting them to your key personnel. It’s that simple! … okay, you’re right! We had to build a super expansive and customizable system to accommodate the needs that are unique to your specific business. But it works super simple. 

SayHello.. the only complete platform for conversational sales.

Hi, welcome! This is how the internet was supposed to work for your business.

Increasing Google and Facebook ads budgets to drive traffic? Do you have a particular staff member notified when a visitor hits a specific page? No problem! We have tools for creating custom rules for you.

We prime the visitor for our increased conversion mechanism only when that sales agent is online also – how neat is that?

In simple terms: ‘Is the agent online? Yes? Let me now show a different version of the website for this repeat visitor because they seem to engage with content more


Agent Alerts


Video Conversations this month

Stop missing your repeat customers, and engage them personally.

A new paradigm in Real Estate sales

Our team understands your stellar real estate sales team’s time is limited, so here are the basics.


Turn more website real estate home viewings into appointments with your agents

SayHello’s specific Real Estate solution drives upwards of 25% more bookings for home viewings for your agents. We do this by making that initial home browsing experience more personalized. All, without impacting your current web and mobile sites!


Leverage all of your agents, while maintaining the representation and interest of each agent specifically

Your people are busy, often unavailable while they meet with the market. With SayHello, you can effectively engage with your entire website traffic by leveraging those agents who might be online in that moment.


Video engagement is KEY!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and video is worth a thousand pictures! SayHello lets you FaceTime with prospective home buyers and strike up that crucial initial personal connection.

  • 87% of businesses use video for sales & marketingĀ (2019 –
  • The use of video calls led to a 41% increase of closed deals (
  • Personalized video = 75% close rate.

We’ve already had a really good look at how you engage with your real estate audience online, and we’d like to offer you our personalised recommendations.

Consult with Jeff, a NC real estate digital marketing expert today!
Without cost or obligation.


Jeff Kschinka

Your sales are about
establishing & maintaining
personal relationships.

Saving businesses from Covid-19

When Covid-19 came and our staff were forced home, away from our service and support infrastructure, we thought the impact was going to be catastrophic. SayHello’s expansive PBX and web technology was able to connect every employee to our customers from home as if they were still in the office. More than a year later our company is more connected to each other and offering a more personal service experience to our growing customers. Thank you SayHello!

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