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Customer communication is overcomplicated.
We solve it.

"" brings all your customer engagements together under one platform.
Customer-facing cloud-based engagement platform fully customizable for any business.

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You spot the lead – does the rest for you! suite includes:

Real time customer engagement platform (CEP) increases customer satisfaction, gains efficiencies and closes more sales. CEP profiles and lets you know your customers better which is the key to success when engaging your customer.

Shrink your call costs with our state of the art VoIP/VideoIP feature-rich cloud Telecom service. No engineers, phone lines or tech know-how needed, access to global numbers and free online communications.

FreeCall buttons placed in your website allows your online customers call your business for free worldwide. Now that's a cool feature...

Hybrid Call or Type chat widgets in your business website allow your sales team's converse with online customers by voice, video or type message and push such conversations directly into your CRM/ERP as customer cases/tickets ... now that's customer centric

'hello CEP' works for you, your customer and your support team.

When someone visits your online store we create a new customer profile or we recognise them as a returning customer. CEP allows your support team to help customers when needed, to present personalised special offers or give them preferred discounts as a loyal customer. CEP provides all the information and engagement tools for your support team to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Now that's customer centric!

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'hello Telecom' is a powerful online communication service for a more efficient global business.

With hello Telecom you can communicate globally and automate your call traffic using business logic, improve inbound customer service and make outbound calls on your account at our amazing low-cost call rates.

Saving loads of money!

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With 'hello free' customers can call you at zero cost direct from your website.

hello free call buttons connect your online customers directly to your business for free. Whether you are a hotel owner or a sales agent you want to talk with customers live and online. In most cases a free call closes more sales and delivers you more business because the customer has chosen to connect. 

A conversation is a powerful thing!

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'hello chat' allows you login from any device to support your customers.

hello chat is a simple low-cost easy to use form of customer engagement. Type chats allow you build engagement and provide assistance for your online customers from any web connected device, so you can support your customers even when you are on the move. 

Simple beginnings... building stronger relationships!

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